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About Curriculum- Activities.


Play contribute to over all development.

• Fine motor skills are developed as children:

–button doll’s clothes in house corner play;
–screw on lids in shop play
–pour water into narrow-necked bottles in water
-take part in group situations as they sing and dance.
-use scissors to cut various kinds of material in creative/aesthetic play
–engage in table top activities, such as jig-saws in construction play.




• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

• Knowledge and Appreciation of the Environment

• Early Experiences in Science and Technology

• Physical Development
• Creative/Aesthetic Development

• Language Development

• Early Mathematical Experiences

Events Activities

Play contribute to the development of children fine and large motor skills.


• Paper, card, wood, fabrics and scrap materials - Children have opportunities to work with materials of different textures which will offer them sensory experiences.
They are encouraged to make pictures and models.


• Children have opportunities to listen to stories and rhymes told or read to them in one-to-one situations or in small and large groups


• Children enjoy and share books with each other and engage in role play


 • Children are encouraged to be aware of print in the environment


• Children have access to a well-stocked library of story and information books suited to their needs, interests, race and culture, and when books are available in various areas of play, for example, at the house corner and interest table


• Painting and drawing


In these activities children experience working: – at vertical and horizontal levels; – with paper of different colours, shapes, textures and sizes;
– with various media and tools such as paint, crayons, pencils, brushes, fingers, sponges and combs.


• Children have access to a wide variety of play activities and are encouraged to talk about their experiences, ideas, feelings and achievements to one another and Teachers during the course of their play


• Teachers are available to listen to and talk with the children in a relaxed atmosphere


• Children have access to a variety of painting and writing materials


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