Directors Message - Mrs. Seema Jagtap.

    The progress and prosperity of the nation are intimately related to the maximum growth and development of its children. It is a well-known fact that the age between two to six years of a child is the most imperishable age in the life of human being and that the foundation of the future adult. Personality is laid in these years.
   Pre-primary education provides a sound basis for learning and helps to develop skills, knowledge, confidence and a sense of social responsibility. It helps children became more independent confidant and promotes their all-round development.
   The term education covers learning a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and good habits. It prepares the child to enter the formal educational stream.

Ensuring the quality for all “Sunrise Group” has maintained the five dimensions of quality
1. Appropriate curriculum
2. Trained & motivated teachers
3. Appropriate child & teachers ratio
4. Child friendly infrastructure
5. A supervisory mechanism
So the syllabus is framed as Play base, integrated, flexible and contextual.

The guiding principles are
• Play as the basis of joyful learning
• Art as the basis of education
• Reorganization of the special features of children thinking
• Primacy of experience rather than expertise
• Mix of formal and informal interaction
• Blend of textual and cultural activities
• Use of local materials, art and knowledge
• Health, wellbeing and healthy habits

Our Objectives
1. Holistic development of child
2. Preparing for schooling
3. Providing supportive quality education for mother parents

The most appropriate teaching technique for this age group is to give ample opportunities to the child to use self-initiated reputation, to practice new acquire skills and to experience feelings of autonomy and success.

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